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Is Faith Important to Successfully Achieve a Set Goal? By Koz Huseyin

Expert Author Koz Huseyin
When setting goals, is faith a part of successfully achieving the goal? Does anyone succeed without the need for faith? What is faith exactly, and if it is a part of success, then why do some people still fail, and so few succeed.
Many people think that faith is believing in a God, believing in a higher being, a deity. However, faith in its true sense is the belief in those things unseen. Faith includes the belief that the Sun will come up tomorrow, that when it is winter, it will become summer at some point.
A person who is an atheist can also succeed. This article is not concerned about the spiritual aspect, but it does concern faith. The faith that our deep down desires in the heart will be realized. That those goals you set will materialize, this is faith.
Believe as though you receive, and you will receive. This statement is fundamentally correct. But, how is it correct? A look at success stories, and failed stories, we find that the successes believed.
This is not like winning the lottery. I have yet a person in business to turn around and get as excited at being worth a million. Generally a goal needs us to grow. A goal which we set everyday, like getting a cup of coffee is not a goal. Though we have to function as a goal achieving being, these goals are nothing new.
Faith to get a cup of coffee is not as pronounced as a goal you set and worked for, for many years, possibly even decades. Yes, you get excited at achieving such goals, however, soon as it is done, it is time for the next goal or we could simply drift back.
Many people fail, however, and success is a distant dream. No one can be classed as failed. When we try something and it doesn't work, we can try something else. But, without the faith, the confidence, and the motivation can not exist.
Think of a time when you tried something, which you did not believe you could achieve. Did you achieve that goal? Now, I am talking about long term goals. And I don't mean about those you felt positive to, but had many questions and a bit of fear, whether it would work.
Being positive, and having faith, shows us that it provides the groundwork for success. We find that we can achieve those goals. Goal setting then becomes a natural process of belief that that goal will materialize.
After all, if you don't believe you can, would you even try? Many people join business opportunities; get into a certain line of work, etc, because they are looking for the money, the big bucks. However, true success only comes when we aim at something we truly desire, and work to achieve it.
Did Bill Gates know that computers would be so popular? When Bill Gates started Microsoft, the computer was thought to be a fad. In fact IBM thought it was going to be a fad, and made the PC using ready made components from Taiwan. Now that worked to our advantage, and computers are widespread, and Bill Gates goal has been realized, making him one of the richest men in the world.
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