Sunday, 8 January 2017

Motivating Yourself to Achieve your Goals in 2017

Hi Guys,

I have set this blog up to help you become all you can be and achieve your potential. I would be interested to get your thoughts and feedback. A New Year is always the perfect time to decide to change your life and achieve your goals. But how can you make sure you achieve them? How can you make sure you change your life? It is so easy to make New Year's resolutions and not keep them.

How can you Motivate yourself to Achieve your goals?

First Decide What You Really Want

What are the two or three things in your life that if they changed would make the most difference. You see most of us just have too many goals and we end up achieving nothing. If we start with the one or two most important things then it will make a difference and some how everything else will get done. Ask yourself what  you are most frustrated about. That is the thing that if you changed it would change your whole life.

Secondly Write Your Most Important One or Two Goals Down

Make sure you do not have more than three really important goals. The less you have the more focused you can be. Be specific. For example, I want to go from x to y by when. If its debt - I want to go from $x worth of debt to being debt free by 31st December 2017. Or I want to go from 13 stone to 11 stone by 31st December 2017.

Thirdly Keep Yourself Motivated By Writing Down Your Reasons You Must Achieve Your Goal

Write down what will happen if you keep the goal and what will happen if you don't. This will keep you motivated to reach your goal.  I found myself weeping when I thought of what I will not be able to do if I don't reach my goal. Sometimes motivational dissatisfaction can be more motivating than thinking about the positive benefits of reaching your goal. A crisis situation is often what motivates people to radically change their lives. For example, a health scare or the threat of bankruptcy often gets people to start taking action. If you read over your reasons for wanting to achieve your most important goal or goals it will keep you motivated to achieve them throughout the year.

Fourthly Remind Yourself Of Your Goal Daily By Speaking It Out

It might sound strange but when you speak your goal out daily it will reinforce it and cause it to more easily come to pass. Put your goal on a card and put it by your bed and say it every morning and evening. You could also carry a copy with you.

Finally Break Your Goal Up Into Bite Size Chunks

For example, if you want to lose 28 pounds in a year then divide that by 52 weeks. That will involve losing just over half a pound per week. This makes the goal so much more achievable and this way you can monitor the results. Also determine how many calories you will eat per week to attain losing half a pound. If you achieve your calorie intake then you know you will achieve your weight loss that week. This is very motivating when you see a win every week. If it was paying off $6000 worth of debt then you might divide that by 12 months and determine that you need to acquire $500 more per month to pay that debt off in the year. It really helps to write it down and then tick off each week or month as that part of your goal is achieved. you will really build momentum as the successes regularly come rolling in.

I hope this has motivated you to get started on your one or two most important goals. Over the next week I will post articles that will help you in getting motivated, setting goals and achieving financial targets. All the best for 2017 - Let's go for it!

Alex Afriyie

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