Friday, 20 January 2017

What Do Obama & Trump Have In Common When It Comes to Being Successful & Reaching Their Goals

Today is the transition between Obama and Trump taking up the most powerful political post in the world. In thinking about success are there any lessons that are common to both that we can learn? Although they come from opposing political views, what do they have in common when it comes to being successful?

Here are a few of the lessons they have both learned and taught about being successful:

1) Enjoy what you do and be passionate - Donald Trump talks about successful people not doing things for money but because they enjoy doing them. He also says you should love what you do if you are going to be successful. Barack Obama has also  emphasized that you should follow your passions. You need drive to succeed and this comes from enjoying and being passionate about what you do. Find something you enjoy doing and then find those who want and need your services or product.

2) Stick to your plan & never ever give up - Barack Obama talks about sticking to your plan if you want to be successful. Donald Trump puts it this way - never ever give up. He says his seen that sometimes those that are not the smartest do better because they never give up. When you know what you are passionate about and you have a plan - stick to it.

3) Be into the details and don't get complacent - Be into the details Trump says. Obama puts it this way - don't get complacent if you want to see something change. Be thorough with what you do and you will be celebrated and trusted for your excellence.

4) Stay totally focused - Stay focused says Obama. Stay totally focused says Trump.

5) Stand on the shoulders of giants - I have observed that neither Obama or Trump got to their place of success alone. Trump had a basis for his prosperity from his parents and Obama talks about not being able to do it alone. Others laid a foundation for him to succeed. If you are going to be successful make sure you find a mentor. They should be someone who has got where you want to get. They can help you get there. This may mean investing in them. But when we give we also receive. We must be prepared to learn and receive help from others and stand on the shoulders of giants.

There we are, a few lessons from the two presidents about being successful. Why don't you start your success journey today by putting these 5 things into action?

Alex Afriyie

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