Friday, 10 February 2017

Leaders: Will You Ask The Right QUESTIONS? - Richard Brody

Many individuals in positions of leadership, find it challenging to accept the fact, they don't know it all! One of the basic tenets of leading effectively, is to constantly, consistently, and effectively, continue to learn, especially in relevant areas. However, how can anyone possibly improve, until/ unless he undergoes this transformation, from a know - it - all, to a seeker of additional information? In order to proceed, along the path, which will facilitate this process, one must accept he must discover, realize (at least somewhat) what he lacks or needs, and methodically, proceed to procure additional knowledge. A true leader must focus clearly, and learn what he needs to know, and then proceed to ask the right QUESTIONS.

1. Quest; query: Just as Don Quixote sang, This is my quest, every true leader must have a deep - seated quest, and desire, to be the best he can be! His goals and aspirations, must align directly with his vibrant vital vision, and that must have a positive impact on the group's mission. However, one cannot get to that point unless he is willing to query, and ask what needs to be asked, so he learns what he needs to know!

2. Useful; usable: This process must help you to differentiate between useful information, and irrelevant, petty stuff! Listen careful, ask follow - up questions, and learn what is usable, relevant and the highest priority!

3. Empathy; excellence: Don't be one of those, My way or the highway, leaders! Listen more than you speak, ask about what you don't fully understand or realize, and develop genuine empathy! The goal of a real leader, must be to serve with, and provide excellence!

4. Strengthen; sort; satisfy: Leaders must do all they can to strengthen their organization, in the best direction! One must be able to sort out petty stuff, from priorities, and act accordingly! Great leaders seek to satisfy their visions, why serving their constituents effectively!

5. Timely: Looking busy, or talking about what's wrong, isn't leadership! It is incumbent upon a leader, to proceed, in a well - considered, timely manner!

6. Ideas; ideology; investigate; insights; integrity: Begin by investigating thoroughly, and gain valuable knowledge and insights! Never abandon your integrity, for the sake of expediency or popularity, and be true to your, and your group's ideology. You are not acting as a leader, unless you bring forth meaningful ideas!

7. Options; opportunities; opinions: Be clear, and realize the difference between facts and opinions! Seek to consider options and alternatives, so you can be best positioned, to take advantage of opportunities!

8. Needs: Leaders must serve the needs of their organization and constituents, and not focus on a personal agenda, etc.

9. Sustainable system: Doesn't it make sense, the main priority of leadership, must be to conceive of, create, develop and implement a relevant, priorities - based, strategic, sustainable system?

If you want to be a leader, will you be ready, willing and able, to ask the right QUESTIONS? One never knows what he doesn't know, until/ unless he asks!


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