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How To Choose A Field For Success by Charles Emory

Expert Author Charles EmoryWhat is success? If you were to ask a dozen people, there would probably be a dozen different answers. Defining success is not like defining an equilateral triangle, which has a precise definition.

Success is different for each of us because we have different values. For some it is determined by how much they have - money, cars, houses, etc. For others it involves accomplishments they have achieved - academic, athletic, or creative. For still others it might reflect simpler ideals - a steady job, a loving family, and well-raised children.

What would make you feel successful? Whatever that is you should pursue it. You should never feel guilty because you are ignoring someone else's idea of success.

Stop and think. What is it that you really want to be doing? One of the best measures of success lies with your ability to work at a job
that you choose and enjoy. If you are able to do that, then you are a success.

Being a success sounds so simple. But it's not. For most of us the ideal job, the one that would bring us so much satisfaction, is not one that's easy to get.

Want to be a world-class athlete? Think of all the years of training and competition needed to become a professional.

Want to be a lawyer? Imagine the years of school, the major expense, and then the bar exam to pass.

Want to be a bestselling novelist like Stephen King? Read about his personal struggles before a publisher finally took a chance on him.

Often there is so much competition for the jobs many of us would enjoy that only the most qualified people are selected for those jobs.

This is where becoming a success starts.

Consider who you are. What are your values? Are you more physical or mental? Would you rather work with other people or alone? Do you want work that involves precise steps, or do you want to be creative?

Knowing who you are, which types of work would be best for you? Which one would you enjoy the most? Which one would you be most willing to prepare for?

Many times making that decision is not easy. When you think about the various aspects involved, it can be confusing.

My advice is this. First, prioritize your values in a list to see what is most important to you. Second, study the requirements needed to qualify for each job. Third, decide which job you would sacrifice time, energy, and money to prepare for. Finally, after looking at all of this information, choose the work you are most passionate about doing.

Your passion for that work will be a key quality to push you to success.

Charles Emory

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