Friday, 30 June 2017

Trying is not enough by Frederick Fabella

We all desire some degree of achievement in life. We all hope for a modicum of success.

     Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to believe that having grand goals is a delusion and that we should face the reality that most of us are not meant to be success stories. And it is for this reason that some see success as merely a dream.

     This is the mentality of a person who says ‘I will try.’ These words imply the absence of commitment, a lack of determination and an unwillingness to give one’s all. People who say they will try, see life as a gamble and that the future is determined by luck alone.

     When we say we will try, it is the same as saying we accept failure as the likely result. And this is equivalent to admitting our inevitable defeat.

     Imagine an individual, who wishes to quit an addiction, that person cannot merely claim that he will try. To do so would be like saying that he doesn’t really believe quitting will work, but what the heck. It would be the same as stating that he doesn’t believe in himself. And by implicitly admitting this, he has already surrendered before he had even begun.      

     If we truly desire success, then there is no room for half-hearted measures. Triumph demands nothing less than one-hundred percent effort and an unwavering resolve.  Our life stories should be victories instead of defeats. And in order to achieve this, we must believe that there is no such thing as trying. Just do.