Sunday, 20 August 2017

Learn The Five Secrets To Creating Success In Your Life by Susan Burgess

There are only five secret strategies needed to have success in your life, why have you not perfected them? 

The secrets to success in any venture are about choices. Your choices! 

If each of us has the opportunity to make the same choices, why is it that some will be successful and others judge themselves failures or are complacent and willing to accept that their life just can't get any better? 

How easy is it to sit on the sofa and dwell on the mistakes of the past and blame others for the many failures that have been encountered? 

What would happen if this was the attitude of the coach of your favorite sporting team? If the coach failed to take action to improve the team's skills, my guess is that the coach would soon find themselves without supporters and probably without a team. Success in your life is no different; success is not determined by the circumstances of any your past failures, but by the
actions taken to improve the current and future situation. Success in life means something different to each and every one of us. Success may mean having abundance in riches whereas to others it may simply mean to lose weight and be healthy. No matter what degree of success you are seeking the secret ingredients are the same. 

1) The first secret is related to developing a willingness to accept failures and by using these failures as the stepping stones of success. 

2) The second is despite those past failures, to develop and sustain the inner drive to pursue your predetermined goals. The majority of people are aware of these secrets, but the biggest obstacles faced in attaining success lies in the process of implementing the strategies to overcome the obstacles. 

To lie on the sofa does not take you outside of your walled square. To continually whine and complain is easier and non confrontational, to pretend that your body shape and health are perfect is easier to accept than the need to refrain from the apple pie and block of chocolate you quickly ate on the sly. 

Success in life encompasses many different areas, including religion, politics, business, relationships, career and friendship, with most people developing an opinion at some earlier stage and maintaining that opinion throughout their life. Their understanding of the complex world we live in never changes. 

3) The third secret of success is about what you can give to yourself, the power of knowledge. Knowledge is the greatest of all possessions. 

Success is a science, a developed skill, but many people refuse to move out from their self-sponsored burden and refuse to make a decision to improve their situation. 

Here we have the most important secret to success, the real science, the science that scares the majority, the making of a decision to improve their own situation. The responsibility of making a decision is not a hard task, but it is a continual struggle for many. Developing this skill gives you control of your life, being able to choose the unfamiliar decisions over the comfortable are the keys to progress, they will unlock your door to success. 

Come to terms with and start implementing the strategy of decision making and change in your life will occur. The change may include your beliefs, your attitude, your behavior patterns, but they all represent a change for the betterment of your life. 

4) The fourth secret to your success is to design your success through using the strategies that incorporate the former mentioned goal setting and to introduce creativityInitially set your goals based on your current values, but as you develop changes in your values you need to update your goals accordingly. 

5) Be objective with yourself as well as family and business, visualize your outcomes and then implement the fifth secret, that of planning your action. Action is the basis to long-lasting success. The emphasis you have placed on your new decision means nothing unless you step into the action. Don't be a victim of that old saying, a decision without a plan of action is only a daydream, get into action, don't be a daydreamer regarding your success, just DO it. 


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