Thursday, 25 February 2021

How Can I Get Things Done More Efficiently? By Alex Afriyie

In today's busy world how can the average person, writer, business owner, entrepreneur, leader, or CEO, get things done efficiently.

If you have a vision then it is so important to have a plan that you can implement to get it done. Sometimes we go as far as writing a plan but just find we haven't got the time to act on the plan.

A Vision, plus a Plan, plus Action = Reality.

A Vision minus a Plan, minus Action = A Dream

So there are a number of things you can do.

Daily Habits

One approach is to improve your daily habits. For example, go to bed an hour earlier each night, so you can get up an hour earlier each morning and spend that first hour working on your vision and plan.


However, if you want to really leverage your plan into action so that your vision comes into reality more rapidly then you can use super-productive time.

Productive time is when we are working directly on our goals. Unproductive time is when we are not working on our goals but someone else's goals or agenda. Super-productive time is when we are getting others to work on our goals. This is when we really begin to leverage ourselves and begin to rapidly achieve our goals.


This could be anything from getting your children or partner to help you do the cleaning or shopping, to employing an outsourcer or employing someone to work on an aspect of your business or organisation that you don't have time to do. In this way you will free up time for you to do the most important thing that will accelerate your vision into reality. 

Many working on the plan will accelerate the accomplishment of your vision

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